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Indy Snore Crushers was established in 2005 with the mission to improve sleep, eliminate snoring, and manage snoring & sleep apnea. We provide comfortable FDA approved medically prescribed oral appliances. The appliances we use eliminate snoring and support normal breathing without the use of an uncomfortable C-PAP machine. Our personal success with wearing an oral appliance for sleep apnea has been validated by the hundreds of patients we’ve recommended them to. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Improving your sleep by eliminating snoring & sleep apnea dramatically improves the quality of your life.  When looking for a Snoring and Sleep Apnea dentist in South Indianapolis or Greenwood, IN, Contact us today and we’ll help you eliminate your snoring, manage your sleep apnea and offer a comfortable alternative to the traditional C-PAP Machine.

“The results of my appliance are amazing. My sleep doctor is completely satisfied that my appliance is managing my sleep apnea. I am thrilled to be free from my CPAP machine. Thank you for your expert care.”
“I’ve worn the appliance Dr. Gillum made for me for 4 years now. I had moderately severe sleep apnea. This wonderful device has given me back a quality of life I had long forgotten. As a result, I have lowered my blood pressure, started to exercise regularly again and have finally lost those frustrating 30 extra pounds. It’s great to have a good night’s sleep, dream and wake up feeling refreshed all day long. I can’t imagine life without my oral appliance.”
“It has been alittle over a year since I came to you to discuss the problems I was having with the headgear I was using for my Sleep Apnea. I had tried the full mask and the nose inserts and neither fit my needs. I simply couldn’t get comfortable with something on my head. Agter the discussions with you and your assistant Kim, I decided to give your mouthpiece a chance. I now use it every night and it has done the job. Kim mentioned that you want me to test the effectiveness with the device and without, and I certainly will participate. I have given your name to our long time family Dentist, Dr. Thompson, as he has some patients that asked him for assistance. They are having the same problems with the headgear that I did. So I hope you gain some new clients. Thanks for being the professional you are. And I complement you and your entire staff.”
Respectfully, Steve, Indy Snore Crushers

I got the pleasure of seeing Dr. Gillum who is very nice and thorough. Also seen kim which she is awesome spends plenty of time to make sure everything is explained and understood and very pleasant to talk to. I highly recommend them both.

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