Meet Dr. Richard S. Gillum


Indy Snore Crushers (Greenwood, IN)

In 2005, Dr.Gillum faced an ultimatum. Do something about his and loud snoring and waking up struggling to breathe or find a new place to sleep. Determined not to be strapped to a CPAP machine, and he launched an intensive 9 month study of dental sleep medicine and completed his first accredited course in oral appliance therapy. After failing miserably at weight loss and positional therapy, Dr. Gillum selected his first oral appliance, a TAP II. With immediate results, Dr.Gillum realized he had discovered something pretty special.

After a period of several months and thoroughly convincing himself of the effectiveness and comfort of his oral appliance, he confirmed his initial suspicion of moderately severe sleep apnea with a sleep study and verified the subjective improvements of his appliance wear with a take home sleep study device he had recently purchased called an ARES. Dr. Gillum was soon treating patients from his general dental practice intolerant to CPAP. After repeated patient success and numerous additional hours of continuing education Dr. Gillum created a division of his general practice dedicated to the treatment of Snoring & Sleep Apnea. Indy Snore Crushers, represents the vision and fulfillment of that desire.

In 2007, Dr Gillum joined the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). He is currently working on his diplomat credentials and continues his research to increase his knowledge and commitment in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. Dr. Gillum follows the guidelines of the AADSM for treatment with oral appliances in Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring management. Before recommending an oral appliance, Dr. Gillum has worn it successfully himself. His personal quest for excellence in dental sleep medicine and personal oral appliance wear is your assurance of an effective treatment outcome.

Dr. Gillum enjoys spending his free time with his granddaughter Kyla, gardening, carpentry, reading, Contemplative Christianity, photography, nutrition, public speaking and physical fitness.

Dr.Gillum is devoted to the well being of his patients and enjoys working with primary care physicians and medical sleep specialists. His commitment to offering patients an alternative to CPAP to treat their Snoring & Sleep Apnea is improving lives and saving marriages.