Greenwood, Indianapolis (July 7, 2014) – Dr. Richard Gillum, a trusted dentist in Greenwood, IN and proprietor of Gillum Dentistry, is offering patients an alternative form of treatment to the most common sleep problem: snoring. In most cases, patients opt to have a form of clinical solution that masks snoring. While effective, however, it can also mask a deeper problem behind it, like sleep apnea. For this, Dr. Gillum prescribes a medically prescribed anti-snoring device that helps keep the airway open during sleep to prevent snoring and address the underlying cause.

Not all dentists in Greenwood and South Indianapolis have the necessary training to deal with dental health-related sleep disorders. Those like Dr. Gillum had to undergo hundreds of hours of coursework in order to be able to have the authority to deal with this particular issue. For his practice, they use the dental appliance provided by SomnoMed, a leading medical and dental appliance provider for treatments of obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Richard Gillum recognizes the equal importance of dentistry and quality sleep to the overall health conditions of his patients. This is why he, and the rest of his reliable team at Gillum Dentistry, always make sure that every patient gets a comfortable pace of dental work. Dr. Gillum even makes sure that he gets to place all permanent works himself to get a result that is consistent, of optimal quality, comfortable, and worthy of customer satisfaction.

Aside from dental sleep medicine, Gillum Dentistry offers a variety of dental services like Six Month Smiles, ultra relaxing dentistry, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry among others. Dr. Gillum is supported in all his work by a qualified team of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and an efficient office manager that helps every patient be comfortable in their regular and emergency dental visits. People can visit to learn more about Gillum Dentistry and their array of services.

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Gillum Dentistry is the private practice of Dr. Richard Gillum, a leading Indiana doctor of dental science. Dr. Gillum attended the Indiana University School of Dentistry and graduated with honors in 1984. He has been practicing general dentistry on the South side of Indianapolis and Greenwood for 30 years.

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