Have you been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?  Have you struggled with a C-PAP Machine but cannot use or tolerate it?  Have you been told there is no other effective solution?  Stop!  That’s absolutely wrong!  Many patients refuse or reject C-PAP after a sleep lab trial or soon after a short frustrating trial period.  Is there a permanent solution?

An invasive orthopedic facial surgical correction is available.  Unfortunately, it’s appropriate for only a few patients with severe sleep apnea where all other solutions have failed.  The bonus of this procedure is the positive change in the patient’s facial appearance.  Less invasive surgical procedures, which focus on the throat, are extremely painful and have limited and/or short term effectiveness.

Fortunately, there is an effective, simple, non-invasive solution!  It’s a medically prescribed, custom made Oral Appliance prescribed by your sleep physician in association with a dentist adequately trained and experienced in Dental Sleep Medicine.  An Oral Appliance holds the lower jaw forward in a slightly open comfortable forward position preventing the tongue from narrowing and collapsing the airway.  Most patients experience relief the very first night.  With a few simple adjustments maximum effectiveness is achieved within a few short weeks.  The final working position is verified by a home sleep study.


Unlike a C-PAP Machine, which forces compressed air down your throat, an Oral Appliance opens the throat allowing you to breathe naturally and effortlessly without a machine, mask, or a hose!  The best news is an Oral Appliance is 90%  effective for many patients.  Oral Appliances are effective across the entire spectrum of Sleep Apnea severity in 70% of patients.  Nine in ten patients wear their Oral Appliance all night every night.  That’s the secret to their success.  No need to skip nights or take the mask off in the middle of the night like C-PAP.

Call me today; I understand your frustration.  I have worn an Oral Appliance for ten years to effectively manage my own severe Sleep Apnea.  I know what works; I know which appliances are the most comfortable, durable and effective.  I’ve worn them all.  Let me share my experience and success with you today to help you start sleeping better tomorrow.




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