Sleep apnea is an extremely prevalent sleeping disorder characterized by reduction and stoppages in air flow during sleep. It may affect as many as 50% of older men and 25% of older women. It is associated with loud persistent snoring, obesity, a large neck, daytime sleepiness,
metabolic syndrome and uncontrolled high blood pressure.

The airway naturally relaxes during sleep. Negative air pressure pulls on the tongue narrowing the airway producing snoring. When the tongue obstructs the airway completely with or without the contribution of fat deposits in the neck, breathing ceases, blood oxygen concentration falls
at an alarming rate and the brain must wake you up briefly with a jolt of adrenalin to start your breathing again. These arousals can occur hundreds of time a night without yo being aware of them. These arousals place tremendous stress on your heart and body systems preventing
quality restorative sleep.  Fortunately there is a trusted dentist in Greenwood, IN that can help!


Mounting evidence suggests that Sleep apnea hastens memory decline with individuals presenting with an earlier diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s onset compared to individuals with normal sleep. This decline may be seen on an average of 10 years
sooner. The good news is treatment for breathing problems during sleep appears to delay the onset of cognitive impairment by as much as 10 years significantly improving the quality of life for everyone involved.  Dr. Richard Gillum of Greenwood, IN can provide a custom Oral Appliance to
help manage your sleep apnea and improve the overall quality of your life.

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